Gravel Doctor® Testimonials

Driveway Repair Made Easy with The Gravel Doctor®

Gravel Doctor® Business & Residential Testimonials

“I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other interested parties” Alex Wheeler – RER Officer


“The Gravel Doctor’s method of eliminating potholes & leveling the yard so that proper drainage is provided is cost effective”
Tony Caradonna – remanufacturing mgr


“The (Gravel Doctor) process surpasses the grader method in length of time before recontitioning (is required). Roger Ferguson – UTS111


“After viewing the (Gravel Doctor) machine in action I was amazed at the capabilities of this piece of equipment”.
Graham Roe – Site Services Supervisor


Your process seems to be a cost effective & environmentally way to maintain the appearances of our properties. We look forward to extending your service to our other locations”.
Randy Gartly – Area Coordinator


“The Gravel Doctor process efficiently reuses existing granular material with resulting cost savings.(The) Finished work often looks better than original construction”.
Dave Cramm- Mgr, Landscape Architect


Corporate Testimonials Available

  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Ontario Hydro
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Coca Cola
  • Sun Canadian Pipeline
  • Bayer Corporation
  • TSC Stores
  • Russell Tool and Die
  • R.S.Air Services – Airways Freight
  • Rockwell International
  • Pride Seeds
  • Waltec
  • St.Clair Parkway Commission

PRIDE ( Seed Division)

“Thanks to your innovative solution, our major water problem has been corrected” J.P.Raymond – Plant Mgr


“We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship”
Fidel Abdo – Director of Purchasing


“This is truly a great system at a reasonable price”.
Mike Showers Sr – Global Operations Mgr


“The system was very cost effective for Waltec & saved several hundred dollars each year in gravel maintenance.
James L. Forgie, P. Eng., Pres. Waltec


“A persistent problem with large potholes was eliminated by the unique process & the area being repaired is not out of service”.
Joe Rudakas – Industrial Engineering Technologist


“ The best part is the cost” Paul Coatsworth – Purchaser


“Since we have been using the Gravel Doctor we have not had to add any extra gravel”. Bruce Hill – Purchasing Supervisor


The renovation of our gravel parking lots are done high quality standard for a reasonable cost”.
Dan Gutteridge General Mgr, – Dir. Of Parks & Property

DENNIS RAWLIEGH – GD since 2003 – Canaseraga, N.Y. USA

“It’s great to be my own boss and spend my time the way I want”
“It feels good to be a respected member of our business community”

BARRY HEASLIP – GD since 2003 – Niagara Falls Area, Ontario, Canada

“What impresses me the most are the results that the GD machine achieves”
“ It is extremely mobile & I don’t require any employees”
“It’s environmentally friendly & that’s important in today’s marketplace”

ERIC SCHER – GD since 2014 – Lancaster Ohio, USA

“Never, in all the different things I’ve done in my life, did people ever stop their cars to chat and tell me how much they wish it was them playing out there on the equipment.”
“Not every day is great. Sometimes the weather is a pain, sometimes things don’t co-operate, sometime annoying things just happen. But then there are days when you’re out there thinking: I can’t believe I get paid for this…”

JOSH HENRY – GD since 2014 Indianapolis Indiana, USA

“ I don’t have to work for anybody else – I’m making a good living on my own”
“ It ( the machine ) does what is represented”
“The Gravel Doctors have no direct competition !”

DARRYL MORRIS – GD since 2015 Halifax NS Canada

“ Ease of operation – the Gravel Doctor is simple to operate – loads & unloads quickly and easily and is nothing like a box scraper . “The Gravel Doctor machine out -performs any other gravel maintenance equipment on the market”.
“The web site marketing is the perfect way to drive business to you. We used to do excavating and yard work – but now we don’t have much time for anything but Gravel Doctor work!

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Gravel Driveway Service, Parking Lot Service, Road Maintenance, Trail Maintenance, Gravel Resurfaceing, Pothole Repair, and more! Gravel Driveway Services South West Ontario. Fully restores, compacts and smoothes driveways, roadways, and parking lots. Potholes and ruts are completely eliminated.